A recent list of completed projects


The FormiBot is a line-following robot with wireless control via Android app, obstacle detection, checkpoint selection along the line, LCD to show current or next location, etc. Its name is inspired from Formica which is Latin for Ant – a diligent trail or line follower.


The PisaBot is a one-motor self-balancing robot using only a single stepper motor. It’s an original design and from my research, it seems to be the first of its kind powered by only one stepper motor. Its name is a nod to the popular Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.


The FaroBot is a two-motors self-balancing robot which has gone through several iterations while experimenting with its design and adding more features. Its name is based on the balancing rock on the Faroe Islands, part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

About Me

Hi. I'm Shakeel, an electronics student and enthusiast.

I have been greatly inspired by open source projects which contributed to my own learning. My goal with this website is to promote the same mindset of openly sharing knowledge through my work and ideas. I hope that these open source projects will be useful to other students and hobbyists. Feedback, suggestions and any improvements towards the projects are most welcome.

Proudly part of the Maker Movement

This website is a glimpse of my learning, progress and ideas.

I'm a big fan and supporter of the Maker culture. I strongly believe that knowledge should be shared for the greater good and to inspire more people to create and make things even better. I have put a lot of work into the projects showcased on this website. The project code and designs can be freely used and tweaked. If you found my work helpful, it would be great if you could share a link to your project.